Charity Golf Tournament 2012

In memory of Neil Williamson

Hi Golfers,

What a day! Not only did we have a full quota of teams plus some but the sun decided to join us too. To ensure we did not suffer from too much heat, a delightful breeze joined in the fun as well.

MNDA 2012 Certificate

Well, our first year at San Roque Old Course and what a course. I think I tell no lies in saying that it is one of the most beautiful courses on the Costa del Sol. As you know our first three events were held at the El Paraiso Golf Club and jolly brilliant they were too and here I would like to say a huge thank you to the Club and in particular, to David for always ensuring that each day was an unbridled success. Thank you!

The format was as usual, golf then lunch. Lunch was held in the beautiful clubhouse after which, we held the usual auction hosted by the most talented Steve Gilmour from Talk Radio Europe. The coup de grace has to be his auctioning of the remaining golf umbrellas which had been donated by our long time supporter, Oscar Eguren, Marbella Lawyer of great repute. It is a fair comment I believe, to say that Steve could sell ice to Inuits!

As usual, Ronan Maguire proved his worth by organizing the day’s golf. For details of winners and teams please go to Thanks are of course, due to all of you who participated, whether by playing or sponsoring the day, so a huge pat on the back to all and huge thanks for all your contributions, which, by the way, resulted in us raising a marvellous 10,128 Euros for the charity, yet again beating the previous year’s total. Also, a big thank you to the Mijas Lions, for again supporting our Day. Their involvement is invaluable. A thank you too, to all the Spence Clarke & Co. staff for their wonderful raffle ticket selling efforts on the day, how do you do it?!

Due to an unfortunate crossing of wires, there were no photographs of this year’s event. Something we will strive to correct for our next Day in 2013. On this note, I will be writing to you all, in early 2013, to notify you of the date for our Fifth Charity Day together with the venue, which may well be the same, as it is such a fabulous course and club.

Thanks again to all,

Golfingly yours,

Susan Spence Clarke


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