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  1. Foreword
  2. A quick overview of the Spanish system, and insight into the providers of professional labour services, labour conflict resolution system and tribunals. (Pending publication)
  3. Legal structure of labour law and the role of Convenios (collective labour agreements). (Pending publication)
  4. A summary of the typical clauses contained in a Convenio and the role of Convenios as employment manuals. (Pending publication)
  5. Foreign companies with no establishment in Spain wanting to employ people living in Spain. (Pending publication)
  6. Typical labour contracts: (Pending publication)
    • Full time
    • Part time
    • Seasonal
    • Agricultural
  7. Special types of employment:(Pending publication)
    • Executives
    • Sports people
    • Lawyers
    • Performing artists
  8. Maternity and paternity leave(Pending publication)
    • Maternity leave.
    • Paternity leave.
    • LGBTQIA+ having a child leave.
  9. Employee absences due to general illness and work related illnesses(Pending publication)
    • short term absences. (Pending publication)
    • long term absences. (Pending publication)
  10. Guarda legal –the right to reduced hours of work due to family responsibilities. (To be reviewed – pending publication)
  11. Homeworking (Pending publication)
  12. Hours of work. (Pending publication)
  13. Register of hours worked
  14. Minimum wage. (Pending publication)
  15. Employment of persons approaching and beyond normal retirement age. (Pending publication)
  16. Employee holidays and bank holidays.
  17. Termination of employment. (Pending publication)
    • employee voluntary resignation.
    • by unilateral employer decision – justified by behaviour of employee.
    • by unilateral employer decision – justified by economic downturn or restructuring of business for production purposes. Indemnities payable to employee.
    • by unilateral employer decision – unjustified by lawful and objective reason. Indemnities payable to employee.