Covid-19 Bad news for many Spanish Provinces


Sorry readers, don’t want to ruin your Saturday but the long awaited lifting of restrictions will now not happen for many regions of Spain, Málaga included, so this writer is not feeling too wonderful!

Last night the Government announced a delay in the lifting of restrictions in line with the previously published four phase plan. Coastal tourist Provinces affected are:

Málaga, Granada, Alicante, Valencia, Castellón, Barcelona and Girona

How long will the above Provinces be blocked for? Sorry but at the time of writing this has not yet been announced, it could be one week, it could be two. I along with you, will have to wait and see.

Until this lockdown is lifted, golf courses and beaches will remain off limits. Don’t know about you but to us at Spence Clarke, it seems totally absurd that we continue to be denied access to the most health promoting of places, ie beaches and golf courses, and for most of the day we are not even allowed to leave our homes to go for a walk, cycle or anything else that might promote our well being.

Some good news; Cádiz, Almeria, Murcia, Balearics and Canaries continue along the lines of the four phase plan, so they will benefit from the easing of restrictions as Phase 1 commences on Monday.

The areas in red remain in lockdown, the lucky ones are in orange

A point of interest, politicians in Málaga are already claiming being discriminated against because the area is predominantly Partido Popular and Ciudadanos, Spain’s centre right wing parties. It seems that Spain is now splitting along party lines in the Covid-19 lockdown debate with left wing parties wanting to maintain lockdown and right wing parties wanting the country to normalise.

Thank you for reading, stay safe and healthy, if a tad frustrated.

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