Covid-19 Borders are opening


Well, it has happened, as from tomorrow, Monday 22 June 2020, our beloved Brit. tourists can come back to our sunny shores. They have been missed, in many ways and not least, by the many restaurants and bars, so certainly the boost to our economy here in Spain, will be greatly appreciated.

It will be interesting to see how this influx will change the landscape, will we, suddenly, go back to crowded streets and coastlines, bubbling bars and restaurants and our streets inundated with car hire traffic or will it be a gradual and less intrusive change. We shall see.

A lot will depend on the UK’s 2 week isolation ruling, once Brit. travellers return to their homeland, although how the British Government think they can actually implement this is somewhat baffling. Hopefully, sense will prevail and this ruling will be changed to ‘suggested guidelines for returning travellers’. We will write more when the announcement is made.

Thank you for reading and stay safe and healthy.

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