Covid-19 Further updates


Sorry for this, it does not make good reading for those of us living in Andalucia. The latest announcement made last night, states that as from Friday, 30th October 2020 the borders of Andalucia will be closed.

No one, apart from those fitting the exemptions listed in my previous article, will be able to leave Andalucia or enter Andalucia.

In addition to this, there is similar bad news for those of us living in certain provinces of Andalucia namely; Sevilla, Granada and Jaen, as their borders will close too.

Andalucia has also closed down 450 municipalities, at the time of writing we do not have the specific municipalities but they are in the areas of Cordoba-Sur, Vega de Malaga, Jerez and Sierra de Cadiz.

These closures will be in place until 9 November 2020.

An article has been brought to our attention which states that a coronavirus variant which originated in Spain through Spanish farm workers has spread rapidly through much of Europe. For further reading see this.

Thank you for reading and stay safe and healthy.

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