Covid-19 Police lock down instructions


There is considerable confusion concerning which activities are authorised and which are prohibited.

To help avoid confusion here is an actual copy of the lock down instructions that are being used by the Guardia Civil and the municipal police and a literal English translation. These have been in force since 14 March.

The press has reported on 26/04/2020, 741.407 individuals have been fined for breaching these rules . Unfortunately, social media videos circulating on the internet, as well as personal contacts in the expat communities, have reported aggressive behaviour from the police towards unwitting foreigners who simply do not understand their obligations.

A few of the rules are confusing and some simply make no sense, but this has to be accepted, given the deep effect of the lock down regulations on everyday life and the need for the police to have simple guidelines to follow so that they can do their jobs.

We can all be certain, though, that the authorities must take drastic action to protect as many people as possible. The vast majority of the population supports the measures and are doing their best to cut down the risk of further spreading the Covid-19 virus.

Stay safe everyone

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