Covid-19 Updates announced 16 January 2021


The following announcements were made concerning Andalucia, they became effective yesterday, Sunday 17th January 2021 and will run until 1st February 2021:

  • The Andalucia border is now closed.
  • Also, all provincial borders will be closed too. The usual exceptions are still in place, ie travel for work, caring for the elderly, etc.
  • Shops of a non essential nature will have to close at 18:00.
  • All bars and restaurants have to close at 18:00.
  • The number of people allowed to meet has been reduced to 4 from 6. This applies in both public and private places.
  • The number of people allowed to sit together in bars and restaurants has also been reduced from 6 to 4.
  • We are currently being informed that Municipal borders will be closed, seriously closed, ie no entering or leaving, when the number of infections reach 1,000 for each 100,000 inhabitants.
  • Where this Municipal closure occurs, non essential businesses, bars and restaurants will not be allowed to open.
  • Finally, the curfew remains from 22:00 until 06:00, however, the Junta de Andalucia has requested that the Government authorise the curfew to commence at 20:00. This request needs formal authorisation by Parliamentary debate, so it is probably unlikely to happen quickly. We shall see.

Sorry for not being able to report anything more positive but with Gaucin, San Roque and quite a few other municipalities on complete lockdown, things are not looking good.

Further updates will be posted as and when.

Thank you for reading, stay safe and healthy.

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