Claudia Vargas Puccio

Gala charity swing ball

We were glad to sponsor and take part, last month, at the lovely gala that took place in Puente Romano, to support the “Agarrate a la vida” charity. The event was organised by Talk Radio Europe and the Marbella Rotary Club. The charity organisation helps people with mental health problems, especially to prevent suicide of … Read more

Spence Clarke celebrate Christmas in Malaga

There has been no rain this autumn, except when Spence Clarke decided to have their day out in the sun, this is when the rain decided to appear!!! Despite the rain, the day was spectacular.      The journey to Málaga It all started in Marbella. A minibus was supposed to pick us up at 9:30 in … Read more

Electric vehicles : New tax incentives in Spain, but are these enough……..?

On June 27, 2023, Spain introduced a 15% deuction on the purchase of electric vehicles and their related charging equipment. This financial incentive is subject to a maximum limit of 20,000€ (3,000€ deduction) for the vehicles and 4.000 euros for the charging equipment (600€ deduction). Therefore, if the car costs 30.000€ and the charging equipment … Read more

The Spanish Budget for 2014. Will this help to stimulate the Spanish economy?

The Spanish Government has approved the Budget for 2014. No surprises, the tax system will remain as it has been for 2012 and 2013. Far sighted policies that will generate growth and employment seem as remote as ever. Many argue that “Spain is different”. They mostly refer to the country’s wealth in traditions and culture, … Read more