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New law in Andalucia to regulate holiday letting

Alistair Spence Clarke 03 February 2016

A new law was passed on 3/2/2016 to force landlords in Andalucia to register properties used for holiday letting. The fines for ignoring this law are truly draconian with a minimum of 18,000€ and maximum of 150,000€. An estimated 400,000 properties in Andalucia will be affected.

Marbella - The New Urban Plan is Published

Alistair Spence Clarke 25 May 2010

After many years of negotiation between the Marbella town hall and the provincial planning authorities the newly approved PGOU was finally published on 20 May 2010. This final step completes the long and controversial process for the approval of the municipal urban plan. Marbella has the distinction of being the first of the large towns on the Costa del Sol to have its new town plan approved and this is the most significant event in the town planning system for Marbella for 24 years, since the last PGOU was approved. The PGOU also regularises over 16,500 dwellings that have been illegally built during recent years.