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A New Law for the Self Employed (Autonomos) in Spain

Miguel Ángel Blanca Prieto 30 November 2017

Self employed persons (autonomos) and small companies represent 95% of the Spanish economy. In particular, autónomos are very relevant to the growth of the Spanish economy although there have been very few incentives to stimulate the creation of small business from a tax and social security perspective. The Spanish Government made a timid effort in 2013 but recent pressure from the centre-right political party Ciudadanos has brought into law new measures to help autonomos set up new businesses and create employment. These are measures that should have been enacted years ago but its better late than never!

Paying Company directors what they are worth

Alistair Spence Clarke 26 November 2015

The dubious sight of well-paid businesspeople walking away from soon to be bankrupt companies—but not before pocketing millions of Euros (in some cases hundreds of millions of Euros)—rightly raised a stink, particularly with those less fortunate employees who lost their jobs and shareholders who lost their money.

Important employment and self employment incentives

Michael Egan 03 March 2014

The Spanish social security system is difficult for foreigners to understand and is extremely expensive for employers. The good news is that the government has at last introduced some meaningful employment incentives in the 2014 social security system.