Collective Calling Sponsorship project


Firstly, hi to you all, and I truly hope you are enjoying life and things are going well for you.

Now the reason I am writing today, Spence Clarke has a new member, well sort of, I am very pleased to introduce you to Royce:

How could we not fall for that gorgeous little face, so hands off, Royce is being sponsored by Spence Clarke!

As you have read, Royce did not have the best start to life, unfortunately this is not uncommon in Tanzania, however, he got over these challenges and is now in the supremely caring hands of the charity Collective Calling, having been rescued from the streets and finding love, security and peace in their Rescue Centre.

You won’t be surprised to read that Royce is one of many young kids whose life has started in similar circumstances, let’s not judge, who knows what hardships their families were faced with and had to deal with, other people’s shoes and all that. 

The reason I am writing is to try to get more sponsors to help out, if you are able to then that would be fabulous, but times are quite hard for many, so if you are unable to help financially, then maybe you could help by passing on the word to friends or family who would be able to help out.

I should tell you a bit about the amazing guys running this whole thing, many of you will have heard of the wonderful charity Collective Calling but for those who are not so in the know then check this:

Gemma and Paul head up this incredibly worthwhile charity, the charity does amazing work for local Spanish families in need of help and support, supplying much needed food, clothes and other necessities.  Also there are now two Collective Calling Charity shops, where not only can you donate your own clothes, shoes, books etc. but you can pick up the most amazing items at truly charitable prices!

They also run this amazing Rescue Centre named “The Centre of Hope”, love that name, in Tanzania.  Basically, they rescue youngsters living on the streets,  some as young as five years old, and give them the security of a caring home. Here they can live free from the risks they faced daily on the streets and get the education that most of us take for granted, a place they can call home and, in time, live the life that any child should have.  I say, in time, as most of these little ones are traumatised by their street life experiences and can take some time to adjust to a secure home life where love, care and trust are a given.

To reiterate, please go to their website to find out about all the good works they are responsible for.  A truly selfless and giving super couple.

Now back to young Royce, as I have said, Spence Clarke have the honour of sponsoring Royce, and who knows, in time we might even be able to help him with his future career, as a straight A student, we may have another Accountant in the making!!

There are many more youngsters in need of the same support, so I would ask you to please have a look at this  to find out more about the sponsorship project.

These young kids really do need our help and it is a very easy way for all of us to give back, hey we can give back by smiling at a stranger in the street, as who knows what sort of day they are having and a friendly smile could make all the difference. Those that can afford to do a little bit more are so welcome to become part of the Collective Calling team and help with their own sponsorship of another delightful and very deserving youngster.

Thank you all for taking the time to read the above and I list below a few profiles of some of the other young ones in need of our help.  Hope one of them pulls on your heartstrings!!

Thank you so very much from me, Sue Spence Clarke.

Founding Partner, Spence Clarke

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