Spence Clarke celebrate Christmas in Malaga


There has been no rain this autumn, except when Spence Clarke decided to have their day out in the sun, this is when the rain decided to appear!!! Despite the rain, the day was spectacular.     

The journey to Málaga

It all started in Marbella. A minibus was supposed to pick us up at 9:30 in the morning, but as it was raining and Marbella townhall had decided to close the main road to install the Christmas lights on this same morning, everybody arrived late, including the minibus, because of the terrible traffic jam, had to pick us up from a different point. We all managed to arrive at the new collection point and to everyone’s surprise, the minibus was a full-sized coach, large enough to take a whole football team and their entourage!

The ride was pleasant, some yawns were heard, light morning conversations whispered, and some nerves at the uncertainty of what was to come: an outdoor Escape Room for 26 people!

The Escape room in Malaga city

We arrived at 11:00 am at Calle Larios at the main road of the centre of Malaga, and after taking a few streets further up, we reached our destination. We were given our mission as special agents to save the city of Málaga from the deadly virus deposited in the city sewage system. Divided into teams we were each equipped with a Tablet that showed us a route with points of interest where we could collect clues plus the necessary tools (bottles with H20, antibiotics to cure the mind-controlling virus, a card with confidential information, a zoom for our mobile cameras and a chip, (which more than one team managed to lose during the game)). 

The team Breaking Balls made up of Alicia, Dario, Martina, Alexander, Rafa and Maria turned out to be the absolute winners. Congratulations to all their team for saving Malaga and proving themselves to be the best special agents among us all (with some protests and grinding of teeth!).

Lunch time     

After visiting amazing places, sites, and monuments all over the centre of Malaga we headed to the amazing vegan restaurant Cañadú located in La Plaza de la Merced.

The menu, composed of different delicious starters, accompanied by a first course and a choice of desserts, was wonderful. The mixture of flavours and the touch of the ingredients used were very well achieved and demonstrated the skill and excellent cooking of the Cañadú team, who we would like to thank for their kindness and friendly manner throughout the meal.

Whilst eating, we were lucky to enjoy the music from their pianist and for a moment some melodies played by our talented Alexander from the commercial department. Well done Alexander, next year we would like an entire concert! 

And then came the best part of the meal: Secret Santa!  This is a tradition of many years at Spence Clarke and of course, it could not be missed, we all had great fun guessing who the present was from and then enjoying our gift, or maybe not. Laughs and jokes were shared between us, moments to be kept in our hearts.   

Party time

We had a booking at Terraza de San Juan, terrace from Malaga Premium Hotel. The terrace with stunning views of Málaga center, with the Christmas atmosphere and mixture of young and old and good drinks, was the perfect place for all of us to be together. Undoubtedly, having drinks with all Spence Clarke team was the best way to end our spectacular day.

The journey back to Marbella

Finally, the trip back to Marbella was full of loud voices, laughs, songs, jokes and plans to continue the night in Marbella. This, however, was a plan that only the youngest among us would carry out, as all the rest were ready for a good night’s sleep. 

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