XLNC Amsterdam Summer Conference


Claudia arrived in Amsterdam on Thursday 8 June returning to Málaga on Sunday 11 June.

All the lectures, workshops and meals were held in the hotel except for Saturday’s dinner which was organised outside the hotel, and to which we were taken in a bus.

That night a group of us went for drinks and although one often thinks that only Spain is awake at 1.00 am, well you’re wrong Amsterdam also has people awake and having fun.  

A variety of topics were discussed, including:

  1. Women in business focus group.
    A thoroughly interesting women’s focus group was held on the first day with fascinating content illustrating the different aspects and challenges women encounter in their careers and ways they have dealt with them as well as how to keep improving their prospects of success. It was decided to form a committee to plan subsequent webinars and hopefully encourage more women to participate. We hope this will be a permanent fixture of future conferences.
  2. Keynote speech on the history of accountants in the Netherlands.
  3. Keynote speech about the various ways companies can improve their environmental and social responsibilities followed by a fruitful discussion on the issues which different countries face.
  4. A variety of networking meetings to share experiences and explore the various ways we might improve our company regarding our social and environmental responsibility.
  5. Wealth Management and Estate Planning and the setting up of Trusts.
  6. Tax Management and the use of AI.

XLNC offers a global forum to develop mutually beneficial relationships amongst peers. It supports membersdevelopment by facilitating networking opportunities to exchange views, ideas and know-how.

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