We’re Hiring!

We have a highly committed and motivated professional team and we are always interested in talented accountants, tax and labour advisers who are also fluent English speakers.

Apart from our interest in individuals with experience and suitable qualifications we are also interested in trainees, including school leavers, as we are keen to participate in the development of careers in our profession. All we ask for is a real commitment to professional excellence, diligence, being a team player and an ability to communicate in English.

The reason we put English speaking near the top of our wish list is that our client base is predominantly English speaking and if we can’t communicate effectively, we can’t do our job properly.

Just as we expect our staff to make commitments to us, we make a commitment to our staff to provide technical training, on the job supervision and training and attractive employment conditions. It is a testament to the successful culture of our firm that over half of our team has been with us on average for more than 10 years.

Current vacancies:

  • Personal tax juniors. We expect to train juniors on how to deal with income tax filings and similar declarations.
  • Experienced tax and legal consultant with detailed knowledge of mercantile and property law and the Spanish tax system.
  • Accountants and bookkeepers with several years of experience.

Interested? Don’t hesitate!

Write to us confidentially at recruitment@spenceclarke.com sending us your CV and telling us in your own words why you would like to join us.