The Team

Visitors frequently comment on the friendly atmosphere in the Spence Clarke offices. We have a team of multilingual, bright and committed professionals who take pride in managing our clients’ affairs efficiently and professionally. Most of the team has been with us for more than ten years which provides our clients with familiarity and continuity.

All technical staff hold professional qualifications, relevant to their areas of work.

We have a mix of nationalities that enables us to relate to our varied client base. We believe that understanding the business culture of a client is just as important as speaking their language.

The management personnel of the firm are:

Alistair Spence Clarke FCA – Founding partner.

Susan Spence Clarke – Founding partner.

Miguel Ángel Blanca Prieto – Appointed Technical Director in September 2018, Miguel is responsible for tax and accounting consultancy, company legal advice and services and property conveyancing. Recruited October 2002.

Claudia Vargas Puccio – Manager Personal Tax Department. Claudia is responsible for personal taxation including income, wealth and inheritance taxes for resident and non-resident individuals, Wills and property conveyancing. Recruited May 1998.

Alicia Jiménez Ruiz – Manager Commercial Client Department. Alicia is responsible for business accounting, taxation and payroll for companies and self-employed individuals. Recruited January 2017.

Galina Ivanova – Manager Administration Services. Galina looks after client work that involves dealing with the Spanish bureaucracy, utilities, banks and property management in general. Recruited January 2005.