Differences between a Sociedad Limitada (SL) Company and a Sociedad Anonima (SA) Public Limited Company

The Sociedad Limitada (SL) and the Sociedad Anónima (SA) are the most common forms for the incorporation of a company with SL company making up 99,99% of all new company incorporations. The Sociedad Limitada (SL) or Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada (SRL) is a commercial company with legal personality whose capital is divided into equal, cumulative, … Read more

Electric vehicles : New tax incentives in Spain, but are these enough……..?

On June 27, 2023, Spain introduced a 15% deuction on the purchase of electric vehicles and their related charging equipment. This financial incentive is subject to a maximum limit of 20,000€ (3,000€ deduction) for the vehicles and 4.000 euros for the charging equipment (600€ deduction). Therefore, if the car costs 30.000€ and the charging equipment … Read more

Beware of Spanish Tax Office Phishing Scams

Phishing scams posing as the Spanish Tax Office have become a common cyber threat. Fraudsters send deceptive emails, specially during this period of the year where many tax payers are waiting to receive their refunds from the tax office, tricking victims into revealing sensitive information, as important as bank account details. Recognizing these scams is … Read more