Spanish Tax Treaties Changes – a taxing trend for foreigners

Spain is very active in signing new tax treaties and updating some old treaties, unfortunately not necessarily for the benefit of the individuals investing in Spain. Double Tax Treaties are bi lateral, supranational laws that regulate the way that foreigners are taxed on assets and income of the other country. Generally speaking where both countries … Read more

Easier Finance for Small Businesses

In yet a further attempt to stimulate small business growth, from 15 June 2010 and until 31 December 2011, small companies and self employed would now be able to receive finance easier from ICO (Instituto de Crédito Oficial) than a bank. These loans started on 15 June 2010 and will run until 31 December 2011. … Read more

Direct Government Finance for Small Businesses

The Spanish Government has enabled its ICO (Instituto de Crédito Oficial) to grant loans of up to 200.000 € directly to small businesses, bypassing the high street banks. The question is will a Government department do any better at providing financial help to small businesses than a typical bank? We shall see… The Royal Decree-Law … Read more

Latest Economic and Unemployment Crisis Proposals

The Spanish Government, currently the PSOE which is the main centre left party, announced on 1 March 2010 a number of proposals to stimulate the creation of employment and the economy in general. The main proposal is to incentivise property refurbishment which the Government believes will create 350.000 new jobs. Official figures show current unemployment … Read more