Goodbye to the State of Alarm


This week commenced with the long awaited end to the State of Alarm in Spain.

So what does this mean for us here in Andalucia, and here I need to apologise to all our clients and general readers in other parts of Spain. Please forgive me for concentrating on Andalucia as it would be more or less impossible to cover each of the 17 autonomous region. However, if you have any questions concerning your particular region, please get in touch and answers will be given!

So for Andalucia this means:

  • Andalucia no longer has a curfew
  • Restaurants can open until midnight
  • Nightlife can recommence, with pubs and clubs being allowed to stay open until 2 am
  • Andalucia borders are open with no limit on the number of people crossing into other regions

I am so glad to be able to write some good news about this whole Covid matter and even more glad to be able to go to a restaurant and stay until dark!

Do remember though that the wearing of masks remains obligatory in public areas and social distancing is still in place.

Hopefully nothing will emerge in the coming weeks to make it necessary to revert to previous restrictions.

Thank you for reading, let’s continue to stay safe and healthy, whilst enjoying our new found freedom!

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