British Chamber of Commerce connecting Spain and the UK


The event was interesting because the British Chamber of Commerce would like to create a connection between Spain and the UK for AI (Artificial Intelligence) to share knowledge and resources (human and non-human).

The meeting started with the presentation of a representative of the Government in the UK who showed how the UK was investing heavily in this technology and start-ups. The next speaker was a CEO of a large company based in Malaga who illustrated the value of the programmes we already have to do the same as the UK and confirmed that Spain (Malaga specifically) is also investing heavily in start-ups and companies in this technology.

During the interventions at the table it was clear that the intention is to create a virtual place (virtual Ecosystem they call it) to share information and get the best of the bested. They need a secure virtual system that they would like to achieve using blockchain technology and AI (metaverse).

From Malaga they confirm that they are in the middle of developing very useful projects to save costs and take care of the environment using this technology, the examples are the following:

  • Optimise water by controlling when it is needed in all centres or public places.
  • Optimise electricity by controlling the time when the light must be connected in communities.
  • Optimising the places where the solar system should be installed to obtain the greatest benefit.

From our profession we would have liked to ask about facilities to bring non-European people (like the British) to work in Spain in this kind of projects now that the work VISA is so complicated to obtain after Brexit but we did not see the appropriate moment as this issue was not on the agenda and there was no one from the Spanish government in this area for whom it could be interesting.

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