Another gorgeous Andalucian day welcomed the SC team to the Playa Padre Beach, how lucky are

The day started with a very lively Volleyball Tournament, we put up 4 teams, Chunky Monkeys,
Flying Fireballs, Awesome United and The Breaking Balls. The battling was hard, long and well
fought, with the eventual winner being Awesome United. So a huge well done to the team
members of Vladys, Fran, Sergio, Javi, Naroa and Claudia! Will this team be able to hold on to
their winning position next year?! The tournament highlighted the great team work and varying degrees of volley ball talent, some quite outstanding in their athletic skills and some, author included, not so!

There followed an hour or so of water sports at the El Cable beach, where most of the Spence
Clarke team enjoyed the challenge of paddle boarding, the thrilling, if somewhat soaking Octopus,
Bull, Banana and Sofa boat rides. However, certain SCers, including the author, opted for the
lounge beds reserved at the gorgeous Playa Padre Beach Club, where chilled fizz abounded.

Once all fun and games had curtailed, the almost 30 odd Spence Clarke team gathered for a
delicious vegan lunch served by the wonderful Chef’s army at Playa Padre, the food proved highly
edible and the drinks hit the spot too! Thank you to the whole Playa Padre team, we will be back!
During the lunch a few speeches were given, the main one by Miguel Angel, our Tax Technical
Partner, wherein he formally announced and welcomed to partnership Alicia and Claudia, their
appointment actually took place earlier in the year but this was the first opportunity for an official
Spence Clarke team announcement.

Alicia and Claudia then took centre stage to deliver two very eloquent speeches, with both
highlighting their determined loyalty and passion for Spence Clarke.

The day drifted seamlessly into the evening and the fun continued until, well quite late really,
cocktails flowed as did laughter and chat.

A wonderful day and thank you to everyone involved, Playa El Cable and Playa El Padre, but the
biggest thanks go to the fabulous Spence Clarke Team, both Sue and Alistair, the two founding
partners, could not be more delighted or proud of having the privilege to be part of such an
astounding and outstanding team.

Thank you guys and enjoy the rest of your summer, you all deserve to!

Btw we have some fab photos, so please check them out below.

Thank you for reading.
Susan Spence Clarke

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