Covid-19 – activities forced to close by Government regulations


The original “State of Alarm” declaration was promulgated by the Government with its Royal Decree 463/2020 of 14 March, which contained a list of activities that were closed with immediate effect. The list has grown over time with further regulations.

The original closure was for 15 days expiring at midnight on 29 March and this date has been extended twice, by subsequent parliamentary legislation, to midnight 26 April.

The current list of closed activities:

  • All educational establishments. Online educational activities may continue, to the extent that they are feasible.
  • All retail or other establishments open to the public, except those providing products or services that are related to food, pharmaceuticals, optical, orthopedic, hygiene and basic products, health, newspapers, tobacco, vehicle fuel, laundry, hairdressing, telecommunications and IT equipment, veterinary services, pet food.
  • All museums, archives, libraries, monuments, places for public spectacles, sports and leisure, including all the recreational activities listed below.
  • All festivals and marches.
  • All bars and restaurants except those that provide home delivery services.
  • All hotels and tourist accommodation, except those explicitly authorised to remain open by the Government (with effect from .

Any business activities not included in these definitions may remain in operation as from 13 April.

List of recreational activities forced to close (in English and the original Spanish)

Public shows.
Leisure and entertainment:
Exhibition venues.
Party rooms.
Other premises or facilities similar to those mentioned.
Cultural and artistic:
Squares, enclosures and bullfighting facilities.
Other enclosures and facilities:
Conference halls.
Concert halls.
Conference rooms.
Exhibition halls.
Multipurpose rooms.
Sports halls:
Premises or closed areas.
Football, rugby, baseball and similar fields.
Basketball, handball, volleyball and similar fields.
Skeet shooting, pigeon shooting and similar fields.
Shooting galleries.
Tennis courts and similar.
Skating rinks, ice hockey, roller hockey and similar.
Swimming pools.
Boxing, wrestling, judo and similar premises.
Permanent circuits for motorcycles, cars and similar.
Racetracks, dog tracks and similar.
Fronton courts, ratchet courts, squash courts and similar.
Sports centres.
Bowling alleys and similar.
Billiard and similar halls.
Athletics tracks.
Other premises, facilities or activities similar to those mentioned.
Open spaces and public roads:
Running tracks.
Cycling, motorcycling and car racing routes and similar.
Motocross, trial and assimilated routes.
Nautical tests and exhibitions.
Aeronautical tests and exhibitions.
Other premises, facilities or activities similar to those mentioned.
Recreational activities:
Discos and dance halls.
Youth rooms.
Sports and recreation:
Premises or enclosures, without spectators, for the practice of sports and recreation for public use, in any of its modalities.
Games and bets:
Establishments for collective games of money and chance.
Gambling halls.
Recreation rooms.
Raffles and tombolas.
Other premises and facilities assimilated to those of recreational activity of Games and bets in accordance with the provisions of the sectorial regulations on gaming.
Specific betting premises.
Cultural and leisure premises:
Amusement parks, fairs and similar.
Water parks.
Fair stands.
Children’s playgrounds.
Open spaces and public roads:
Verbenas, parades and popular celebrations or folkloric manifestations.
Leisure and entertainment:
Special bars:

Drinking bars without live music performances.

Drinking bars with live music performances.

Hotel and restaurant business:
Taverns and wine cellars.
Cafeterias, bars, café-bars and similar.
Chocolate shops, ice-cream parlours, tea rooms, croissant shops and the like.
Restaurants, self-service restaurants and similar establishments.
Hotel bars and restaurants, except for serving guests.
Banquet halls.

Espectáculos públicos.
Esparcimiento y diversión:
Locales de exhibiciones.
Salas de fiestas.
Otros locales o instalaciones asimilables a los mencionados.
Culturales y artísticos:
Plazas, recintos e instalaciones taurinas.
Otros recintos e instalaciones:
Pabellones de Congresos.
Salas de conciertos.
Salas de conferencias.
Salas de exposiciones.
Salas multiuso.
Locales o recintos cerrados.
Campos de fútbol, rugby, béisbol y asimilables.
Campos de baloncesto, balonmano, balonvolea y asimilables.
Campos de tiro al plato, de pichón y asimilables.
Galerías de tiro.
Pistas de tenis y asimilables.
Pistas de patinaje, hockey sobre hielo, sobre patines y asimilables.
Locales de boxeo, lucha, judo y asimilables.
Circuitos permanentes de motocicletas, automóviles y asimilables.
Hipódromos, canódromos y asimilables.
Frontones, trinquetes, pistas de squash y asimilables.
Boleras y asimilables.
Salones de billar y asimilables.
Pistas de atletismo.
Otros locales, instalaciones o actividades asimilables a los mencionados.
Espacios abiertos y vías públicas:
Recorridos de carreras pedestres.
Recorridos de pruebas ciclistas, motociclistas, automovilísticas y asimilables.
Recorridos de motocross, trial y asimilables.
Pruebas y exhibiciones náuticas.
Pruebas y exhibiciones aeronáuticas.
Otros locales, instalaciones o actividades asimilables a los mencionados.
Actividades recreativas:
De baile:
Discotecas y salas de baile.
Salas de juventud.
Locales o recintos, sin espectadores, destinados a la práctica deportivo-recreativa de uso público, en cualquiera de sus modalidades.
Juegos y apuestas:
Establecimientos de juegos colectivos de dinero y de azar.
Salones de juego.
Salones recreativos.
Rifas y tómbolas.
Otros locales e instalaciones asimilables a los de actividad recreativa de Juegos y apuestas conforme a lo que establezca la normativa sectorial en materia de juego.
Locales específicos de apuestas.
Culturales y de ocio:
Parques de atracciones, ferias y asimilables.
Parques acuáticos.
Casetas de feria.
Parques zoológicos.
Parques recreativos infantiles.
Recintos abiertos y vías públicas:
Verbenas, desfiles y fiestas populares o manifestaciones folclóricas.
De ocio y diversión:
Bares especiales:
Bares de copas sin actuaciones musicales en directo.
Bares de copas con actuaciones musicales en directo.
De hostelería y restauración:
Tabernas y bodegas.
Cafeterías, bares, café-bares y asimilables.
Chocolaterías, heladerías, salones de té, croissanteries y asimilables.
Restaurantes, autoservicios de restauración y asimilables.
Bares y restaurantes de hoteles, excepto para dar servicio a sus huéspedes.
Salones de banquetes.

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