Covid-19 UK quarantine for travellers from Spain


As from last night, Saturday 25 July 2020, all tourists returning to the UK from mainland Spain and the islands, will face a two week compulsory quarantine.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office is now advising against all but essential travel to Spain.

Therefore all passengers on flights that left Spain last night and scheduled to arrive in the UK after midnight, will face a two week quarantine period.

This decision came about during a meeting of various Government Ministers who met to discuss the spike in the rate of infection now being seen in various areas of Spain.

Somewhat ironically, Grant Shapps, the Transport Minister, dialled into the meeting from his holiday resort in Spain, he now faces the two weeks of quarantine on his return.

It is somewhat of a pity that the UK Government has not been a tad more specific in detailing the actual areas that have seen recent spikes.

Typically, this weekend Malaga airport hit over 240 flights a day, getting closer to their normal flight schedules and now……….

At the time of writing it is not clear how this will unfold, will all flights be cancelled, will the Government be ‘strongly advising’ people not to travel, will returning employees who cannot work from home be made to take two weeks’ unpaid leave, will other countries put Spain on their off limit travel list, many questions need to be answered and hopefully some clarity will emerge in the next few days.

One thing is sure, the Spanish travel industry just took another bashing.

Thank you for reading, keep safe and healthy.

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