Marbella Business Cocktail Event at The Pool on 11 May 2023


This excellent event hosted by The British Chamber of Commerce was held in the beautiful new co-working and office area on the rooftop of El Corte Inglés. The place is spectacular, opening only 3 months ago. The terrace, which will have a small pool, is still being completed.  The indoor area is very light and spacious. There are many areas catering for various working styles.  Along the sides It has various private boardrooms enclosed by glass walls and doors and as the roof is see-through it is very light and airy.

There were many entrepreneurs from the neighbourhood, and wonderful to see many young people. it was focused on the connections that the British Chamber of Commerce can make between the new foreigners, who have now moved to Marbella and are not just coming for holidays, and the established entrepreneurs in the area. They are interested in connecting all for the growth of the foreigners who have recently established themselves and have come to bring their businesses here.

This concept already exists in other major cities, London, Barcelona, etc and it is exciting to have it in Marbella. Foreigners and even Spanish who are thinking of starting their business in this part of the world, have a great opportunity to work in such a beautiful environment and to meet and share their experience with people, with new ideas, from all over the world.

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