Will Wealth Tax in Spain ever disappear?

In previous articles we explained that the Spanish Government reintroduced wealth tax in 2011 as an emergency economic measure. The reintroduction was achieved simply by removing the 100% exemption to the tax that had originally been introduced in 2008. However, the tax was eliminated for the majority of potential taxpayers because a significant tax free … Read more

Spanish Tax Treaties Changes – a taxing trend for foreigners

Spain is very active in signing new tax treaties and updating some old treaties, unfortunately not necessarily for the benefit of the individuals investing in Spain. Double Tax Treaties are bi lateral, supranational laws that regulate the way that foreigners are taxed on assets and income of the other country. Generally speaking where both countries … Read more

When will they learn?

The latest fashion for the wealthy in Spain is to find another country to pay income tax. I was enjoying a pleasant lunch overlooking the paseo marítimo in Marbella in the company of Max, a client of many years. We were reflecting on how wonderful life is in Spain and remembering the dismal weather and … Read more

New tax incentives for property purchase in Spain

A few weeks ago the Spanish Government introduced another important tax incentive for property purchasers in a bid to kick start the moribund property market and help the banks get rid of their stock of repossessed properties. It is worth comparing Spain’s property tax incentives to the massive French tax increases on foreign property owners. … Read more