Covid-19 Police lock down instructions

There is considerable confusion concerning which activities are authorised and which are prohibited. To help avoid confusion here is an actual copy of the lock down instructions that are being used by the Guardia Civil and the municipal police and a literal English translation. These have been in force since 14 March. The press has … Read more

Covid-19 Labour update 20/3/2020

In normal circumstances the temporary closure of a business or the substantial modification of employee working conditions is a slow, complex and expensive process. The Spanish system seems to be designed to catch out employers and an insignificant error in the formalities can undo the whole process, with very expensive consequences. In general terms, where … Read more

Covid-19 Declaration of the State of Alarm 14/03/2020

For many weeks we have all been observing the outbreak of this disease with a kind of detached fascination – but reality has finally struck home in Spain. With effect from 14 March, the Government declared a ‘State of Alarm’ using legislation that dates back to 1981. This allows the Administration extraordinary powers for the … Read more